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Topsy and Tim First Numbers
by Jean & Gareth Adamson

Release Date: 2nd Jun 2011
Publisher: Ladybird
ISBN: 978 1 4093 0925 3
RRP: £3.99

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Fabulous fun with numbers...

The Start School series with Topsy and Tim is an brilliantly conceived innovation in educational aids for parents. Aimed squarely at pre-schoolers, although it thanks to its colourful interactive pages, it certainly holds an appeal for both older and younger children, the purpose of Topsy and Tim First Numbers is to introduce the basics of mathematics to youngsters; starting with the numbers 1-10.

More so than Topsy and Tim First Writing, First Numbers actually encourages your child to think of numbers as more than simply objects to be written or spoken by introducing the mathematical nature of numbers. Each number is given its own page and is conceptualised in as many formats as possible without being overwhelming. The authors not content to leave it at that also use the ample space to continually ask your child to make the connection between numbers and the world around them. It sounds so simple, and yet enabling a young child to wrap their little minds around numeracy can be tough going and First Numbers is sure to be a huge help!

Allowing creativity whilst learning (your child is encouraged to draw a set number of items) is hugely rewarding for pre-schoolers, but it can be easy for them to get a bit carried away – fortunately, the marker pen seems to rub off of little hands and fingers with ease, although we wouldn’t trust it on the sofa or rug! Topsy and Tim First Numbers is possibly one of the best numeracy parental aids currently on the market. This wipe-clean series is a hit in our home and as a parent; I cannot praise the authors and publishers enough for producing such a clever book that will be used for years and years to come. And at this price?! Watch these fly off the shelves…

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