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The Wereling Prey
by Stephen Cole

Release Date: 6th Jul 2009
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 978 0 7475 9967 8
RRP: £6.99

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Now Kate and Tom are up against more than just Kate's mother...

Second in the thrilling trilogy by Stephen Cole; Prey follows Kate and Tom in the continued pursuit of Jicaque and a cure. This search leads them to New York, where they stumble into the path of a young street kid named Ramone who is being chased down by a gang of wolves. Unbelievably to both Kate and Tom, Ramone knows all about werewolves and has some disquieting information for them. It would seem that Takapa: a power-hungry, scrawny albino lupine is on a serious recruit drive; seeking out street gangs and the homeless, he is having them turned by “Swagger” and his thugs – but why?

Like a mini resistance, Ramone and his ‘family’ are hiding out, trying to avoid Swagger at all costs. Rico, his younger brother, was previously attacked, but amazingly, never turned. It turns out that aside from the “silverbloods”, there is a DNA strain that makes human blood toxic to the wolves – and Rico is one of them. Using Rico’s blood as a basis for a cure, both Dr Woollard and Dr Stein have managed to produce a serum, supposedly to alleviate the blood lust in wolves, it has altogether more sinister and dangerous affects on Tom.

If things couldn’t get any worse, suddenly Tom and Kate’s faces are being splashed all over the News as fugitives wanted for murder. Not only are Kate’s parents begging for the safe return of Kate – but Tom’s parents, pale and drawn are present as well. Tom knows they are in danger, but what can he possibly do? Of course, there is some good news – they find Jicaque. One problem: Tom is faced with a difficult decision; can he resist his desire to be with Kate for the benefit of mankind?

Prey steps up a notch from Wounded; with more action, quicker pace and bigger, badder fighting scenes. Cole is a natural at building suspenseful prose and instantly memorable characters. Unafraid to keep things gritty, there is no shortage of blood, gore and unexpected death. A taut, tight thriller; Prey certainly lives up to the expectations set in Wounded.

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