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The Wereling Resurrection
by Stephen Cole

Release Date: 6th Jul 2009
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 978 0 7475 9968 5
RRP: £6.99

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The Wereling's Grand Finale...

The Wereling – Resurrection is the third and final instalment in this fast paced, intense story following the trials and tribulations of two teenagers caught up in the snares of evil Werewolves – and Kate’s insane mother. Takapa is back from the disaster that was New York. Now working in conjunction with “Codechanters”: a mysterious occult group of werewolves with the ability to command the very fabric of life to strip out a person’s soul; he is crazier and more powerful than ever.

Kate and Tom have followed his trail to Chicago, intent on thwarting Takapa’s latest plot whilst trying to stay alive long enough to get Tom cured. After weeks of roaming around the Windy City, they are no closer to finding out what Takapa is up to; until Adam Blood turns up. The fake-posh British Realtor (Estate Agent) is as inimitable as ever, with his crushing wit and rapid-fire repartee. Stacy Stein also gets her call up as events take a definite turn into sinister science. Jicaque joins them, still as mysterious as ever. White wolves, kidnapped scientists and a creepy, mummified bog man – what is it that Takapa is planning? Drawing on the likes of Frankenstein and conceivable scientific advances such as stem cell research – it is up to Kate and Tom to use every ally they have gained to bring about an end to Takapa once and for all.

Resurrection is utterly unputdownable – you will find yourself squirming in your seat, muttering a stream of invectives at the page. The “Codechanters” are a stupendous idea – that the power of words can manipulate DNA, control the minds and bodies of others and suspend a soul in stasis is just astonishing. Perhaps a side-line series following these strange individuals could be on the cards? We also meet “The Dark Chapter”: secretive policing unit for lupines; although, Cole never really goes into any great depth with this new concept and I wish he had. Cole neatly ties loose ends, but leaves us just a tiny, tantalising tease of hope – Tom still needs to get the cure... maybe there will be more, maybe not. Now that it’s all over, you can sit back and relish the ride. A hell of a story, well written and delivered with panache; Cole is one talented SOB ;-p

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