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The Wereling Wounded
by Stephen Cole

Release Date: 6th Jul 2009
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 978 0 7475 9966 1
RRP: £6.99

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If you thought werewolves were just mythical creatures – think again...

Tom Anderson is just an ordinary sixteen year old, with a mother, father and annoying younger brother. Kate isn’t quite so normal; she has the mother, father and annoying younger brother – but they are purebloods.

During a family holiday, Tom sets off alone after an argument with his parents. Stumbling around the forest, he comes across a river and decides to cool off. But events spiral out of control when a huge bear decides Tom is lunch. Forced into the deadly currents, Tom is swept away down river. Whilst he manages to survive and make it to the riverbank, he blacks out. When he reawakens, he finds himself in a strange bed, in a strange house. The Folans appear to have taken in him to nurse him back to health – but the Folans are not all they first appear.

Kate’s mother, Marcie is cunning and bloodthirsty – coming from an Old family, she is determined to force the change on her reluctant daughter. As a pureblood female, the only way of bringing about the change is to mate, preferably with ‘The One’, but Marcie is indifferent to her daughter’s feelings, intent only on ensuring the continuance of her family line. She has selected Tom. Bitten and in the throes of the change, Tom discovers that he is a “silverblood”: a rare human who is resistant to the virus that enforces the change. This inbuilt resistance means that when he changes, he retains his humanity - he is a “Wereling”. Kate determines to use Tom to escape her family’s clutches and with the death of her younger brother on their hands; running is no longer an option – if they stay, Marcie will tear them limb from limb.

With the very hounds of hell chasing them, Tom and Katie have to find a mysterious medicine man; their only hope of reversing the werewolf curse; but whirring in the background is an old legend of the coming of a Wereling who will decide the fate of wolf and human kind at an aptly named “Wolf Time”.

The Wereling is a very promising series; making adrenaline pumping, addictive reading. Not for younger readers, due to the significant amount of bad language; it is mature enough to appeal to both newcomers as well as ardent fans of all things Werewolf. Cole hits the right tone between adult and teenage that will appeal to his audience. Better than Feasley’s Changeling.

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