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Voice from the Planet
by Various

Release Date: 1st Oct 2010
Publisher: Harvard Square Editions Ltd
ISBN: 978 0 6153 6732 3
RRP: £8.33

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Sincere, credible and authentic - this is a truly global piece of literature...

This anthology of 30 short stories from across the globe comprises the many and varied works of authors who came together via the internet to form a truly unique experience for the reader. From award winning authors to complete unknowns; just as the anthology does not discriminate geographically, is it not prohibitive to the unpublished author.

Covering a disparate group of individuals, it will come as no surprise that the subject matter is extremely broad. There is the moving exposé from the Congo, the expression of a life-altering event from the US, amusing anecdotes philosophising on creation, God and the Universe from an Armenian as well as a myriad of oddball fiction and even an extract from what we can only assume is a Peruvian thriller.

Our favourite was “Consultation” by Ruben Varda; the aforementioned philosophising Armenian. Clever, witty and intrinsically thought-provoking, we think Ruben has a talent that ought to enable him to give up helping the EU with nanoelectronics. There is the occasional story that hits a bum note. “Gates of Eden” immediately springs to mind – as an excerpt, perhaps it lacks context. Invariably though, which stories you enjoy will be dependent on your own personal tastes. What is equally certain is that you will find a little gem that will sell you on an author, hook, line and sinker.

The truly glorious, refreshing and intoxicating aspect of this anthology however, is the combined perspectives, the unique voices that collated together form an abstract picture of our entire species. Spanning continents and cultures, Voice From the Planet taps into an unacknowledged psyche – our literary world. An incongruous, gorgeous, eclectic mêlée that will open your eyes and mind to the huge potential amongst international authors – you may reach the end with an appreciation of the staid, stagnant state of Western literature and its devices.

Net proceeds go to Medicins sans Frontieres – a fitting tribute given that this anthology denotes the disappearing barriers between literary acceptance and awareness.

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